A Founders Story

Time has always been a problem for me since I joined the military on October 04 in Brooklyn, New York. Ever since then time has been a huge problem. I was a boatswains mate. This is a job description in the navy. This job title meant I was out to sea 5 years and at shore only 3 years as per my enlistment contract. One day after returning home from a 9 month cruise that was originally 6 months. On my return to civilization a couple of my shipmates needed a ride home so I happily dropped them all off. The following day I got into my car. A nasty wet smell was there but I paid no attention. As the week went by the smell got stronger, like a mildew smell. l searched my car and found the problem. A gallon of water with some type of fruit protein mix, spilled all in the back floor and slowly brewed under my drivers seat, dammit! I yelled not exactly those words. After attempting to clean it myself it was apparent I need my car deep cleaned. I wasn't sure who does that type of thing so I googled “car cleaning companies” and a few places came up. They all sounded the same. They would say confidently, $500-$1200 and you will have to leave your car with us for 8 to 12 hours. I said no way am I doing that! It is way too expensive and I started to drive with my windows down because hey, it’ll air out and eventually dry. That did not happen! My chest randomly started to hurt after about a month and my breathing seem very stuffy. I also had headaches. Lots of them really. I couldn’t explain why. After visiting my medical doctor, and offering me a ibuprofen for the pain she asked, anything stinky stuff around you? I said yes, my car there was a spill and its still partially wet. She looked at me concerned and said, have you checked the area for mold? I quickly ran to my car and checked under my seat it looked like a science project! My doctor made it clear that this can cause respiratory issues and if continued exposure….. Death! I immediately swallowed my pride and paid $700 to have my vehicle cleaned and vowed to never, ever, ever! put a price on my health again. After that experience I pictured all of my friends who refused or did not know about this service. How would it affect their kids and families? They are all slowly being exposed on a daily basis to more and more bacteria and germs that can cause respiratory issues. Do they know that kids and the grandparents systems are much weaker? Although, I knew a good detail would have my car looking and smelling amazing not to mention safe. The huge problem was $500-$1200 only for the inside is far from ideal. Also the waiting time of 8 to 12 hours for a detail didn’t fix my time problem. My fellow shipmates even if they wanted to had the same problem no time! it would be a dream if this service was more affordable, faster and even better come to my door steps. This problem bothered me so much that when I found “VA MOBILE DETAIL” in 2016, I knew that it would change the world but just one car at a time. Eventually people will see that a clean car can save your life. I would know it saved mine.

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