From a Nasty Car

to a Clean

germ free Ride

Sit back and Relax because we come to you.

“Time is best spent with a friend over drinks or the wife & kids at dinner time, not cleaning your car”.

Jeev Founder of Eye Detail Cars

Bring that shine to your car that you haven’t seen in years right back!
We help you keep your car clean and germ free because clean cars save lives!

Time time time! no one has time! but a dirty car is very dangerous! “Hot Rack” a military term for getting into your bed dirty. imagine your bed is like your car seat you and other people work,cough,sneeze,fart in those seats and the build up on those steering wheels gag lol, but how many times do you actually deep clean that sneezy farty mess and how much germs have entered your bed? the answer is a lot! Hospitals deep clean their facilities regularly for health reasons, why not your car?

We Care about you

Over 410,000 Miles saved on gas

Over 18,342 Cars are virus free

Over 45,000 hours of time saved

Over $20,500 dollars in gas saved

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Car Detailing Services

Addons available for cars that need Extra attention wink.

Exterior Detail- $99.95
Detailed Outside clean with Wax ( buff not included)
(buff can be added)
Full Detail – $189.95
Detailed in & out clean/ Light shampoo
Interior detail-$99.95
Detailed interior clean
(no shampoo)
(shampoo can be added)
The Safe Car Monthly Plan!
Monthly in & out clean for Safety ( especially now)

How to get your car cleaned?

  1. Call us at 757-776-1034 or Click “get your car cleaned
  2. Pick your package for your needs.
  3. We send a detailer out to make your car germ free!
  4. Done!

The founders story

Time has always been a problem for me, i joined the military in brooklyn new york oct 2004, ever since time has been a huge problem. I was a boatswainsmate, this is a job description in the navy. this job title meant i was out to seas 5 years and at shore only 3 years as per my enlistment contract. one day after returning home from a 9 month cruise that was originally 6 months, on my return to civilization a couple of my shipmates needed a ride home so i happily dropped them all off. The following day i got into my car a nasty wet smell was there but i paid no attention. as the week went by the smell got stronger, like a mildew smell. l searched my car and found the problem. a gallon of water with some type of fruit protein mix, spilled all in the back floor and slowly brewed under my drivers seat, dammit! i yelled not exactly those words, after attempting to clean it myself it was apparent i need my car deep cleaned. i don’t know who do that type of thing so i googled “car cleaning companies” and a few places came up they all sounded the same. they would say confidently, $500-$1200 and you will have to leave your car with us for 8 hours through 12 hours. i said no way am i doing that! it is way too expensive and i started to drive with my windows down because hey, it’ll air out and eventually dry. that did not happen my chest randomly started to hurt after about a month and my breathing seem very stuffy, i also had headaches lots of them and i couldn’t explain it. after visiting medical my doctor after offering me a ibuprofen for the pain she asked, anything stinky around you? i said yes my car there was a spill and its still partially wet, she looked at me concerned and said. have you checked the area for mold? i quickly ran to my car and checked under my seat it looked like a science project! i immediately swallowed my pride paid $700 to have my vehicle cleaned and vowed to never ever ever! put a price on my health again. after that experience i pictured all of my friends who refused or did not know about this service. How would it affect their kids and families? they are all slowly being exposed on a daily basis to more and more bacteria and germs that can cause respiratory issues. Do they know that kids and the grandparents systems are much weaker? This bothered me so much that when i found “VA MOBILE DETAIL” i knew that it would changed the world but just one car at a time, because eventually people will see that clean cars saves lives.